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Life Insurance

Why you shouldn’t wait to get life insurance?

Protect your family from untimely death, and allow them to continue their standard of living. Don’t leave them with debts they can’t pay and the worry of not being able to make it without you.

    Call us for a Life Insurance policy that will help your family:

  • With final expenses
  • Pay the mortgage
  • Set money aside for college
  • Clear all debts like credit card or student loans and medical bills
  • Have money in the bank to take care of day to day life

One of our agents can provide you with the means to handle all these obstacles. Everyone’s situation is different, so the amount of coverage and type of policy depends on yours.

Term Insurance – lower monthly payments and a guarantee of the rate for a set amount of time 10 year , 20 year, 30 year terms – it’s like renting a house versus buying one.
Whole Life – more expensive because the rate and amount of death benefit are guaranteed for your entire life. As long as the premiums are paid, and you are healthy at the time you purchase the policy, that price is based on your age at that time.

Universal Life – A combination of Whole and Term Insurance. You never actually own the policy and must continue to make payments like a term, but the rate is guaranteed and will not increase like a whole life policy.

Each one has advantages and we can tailor a policy to your needs today. There is not a better gift for the ones you love.